Apartments for rent Vilamoura Portugal which has a very low Covid-19 infection rate

Scary times! Why not live in a place with very low Covid-19 infection? (see the government figures below)

As a plus fancy escaping dull skies and cold weather? How about moving to the Algarve?

Fancy drawing your pension tax free? The government here has an approved scheme to attract retirees for which you may qualify.

The Algarve which represents the southern coastline of Portugal is becoming an increasingly desirable place to work or retire to with it’s unique micro climate offering 300+ days of sunshine per year.

Average days are blue skies and comfortable temperatures.

As the main industry is tourism most people you would encounter living in the Algarve speak English and so whilst it is desirable to learn the mother tongue of your chosen Country it is not essential.

The flight time from the UK, Ireland and most of Northern Europe is only a few hours meaning that in normal times family and friends can be here in the Algarve in no time and of course, if necessity dictates a visit back home you can be there with little effort. (Trust us you won’t choose to go!)

Now of course you have to decide where to live and in what type of property. If you are coming to work in the Algarve, the where may already be dictated and your personal finances may dictate the type of property.

With regard to geography we are biased to the Central Algarve and in particular to the Vilamoura area, a cosmopolitan town built around an award winning international marina and served by 6 championship golf courses.

When it comes to your home in Portugal, you basically have 2 choices, buy or rent. To buy there is any number of estate agents happy to help but long term apartment rental Vilamoura is a very popular choice here.

Even if you are in a position to buy it may be best to consider apartment rental in vilamoura first to ensure that you have made the right decision without an immediate financial commitment!

So choosing Vilamoura apartments for rent in Portugal is a great way to sample the many wonders of life in the Algarve.

The Algarve was recently voted “Europe’s Leading Beach Destination” at the World Travel Awards, and once here you will see why with a total of 313 individually named beaches along the coast.

For golfing enthusiasts there are 39 golf courses within 45 minutes drive of Vilamoura and 6 excellent courses around the town itself.

The Portuguese people in the main are very family orientated and social standards can be compared to the UK in a former time and the crime rate is significantly lower.

So the best way to sample living in Europe’s best kept secret paradise is to try one of our Vilamoura long term rentals in Portugal Algarve.

Government statistics as at 29th September 2020: 

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