Is Vilamoura marina open?

Is Vilamoura open?

Many people are asking if Vilamoura is open for business.

As at the 1st May 2021 the simple answer is definitely!

The majority of  bars, cafés and restaurants are welcoming visitors whilst observing the current Government rules which are as follows:

  • Tables i.e. groups of 6 are permitted inside - 10 outside
  • Tables are socially distanced
  • There is no pre booking of tables necessary you can just arrive and ask.
  • You must wear a mask to enter and leave and whenever you are moving about inside, e.g. going to the bathroom.

Most of the remaining are preparing to open soon.

Vilamoura marina opening times:

The law is that bars and restaurants must close at 22:30; those that serve breakfast tend to open from 08:00 those that start with lunch 11:00.

Here is a list of places that are definitely open as of the 1st May 2021 but it is not exhaustive, there are many more around the town and we apologise to the owners for missing them off:

  • Akvavit
  • O’Neils
  • News Restaurant 
  • La Fragata
  • Lamparo
  • Gavea
  • No Solo Italia
  • Masters
  • Sete Cafe AKA Figo's
  • O’Sheas
  • Zu Yi
  • Tai Tai
  • The Punter
  • Al’s Bar
  • Frankie’s
  • The Stapleford
  • Biddy Jayne´s
  • Natraj
  • Rui’s Restaurant
  • Don Alfonso
  • Northwoods
  • Oporto Tavern
  • Harvest
  • Maresia Beach Bar
  • Rocha Baixinha
  • Oscar's
  • BJ's Ocean Side
  • Atlantic Piano Bar 

Other questions that have been asked are:

Are hotels open in vilamoura? - Some are some aren't, the easiest way is to visit their website

Is Cats open in vilamoura? - The business closed, was sold on and the property is currently being re modelled.

Is Vilamoura casino open? - It re  opened last night 1st May 2021

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