New Holiday Rental Laws for Portugal

Portugal has an enviable reputation for the way it has handled the Conavirus situation. All political parties have acted harmoniously, no in fighting or points scoring just a joint wish to solve the problem. When rules have been announced they have been clear, concise and the very vast majority of the population have complied without question.

Currently, dentists, physios, beauty salons etc., and bars and restaurants are open (although there aren’t enough visitors to provide customers).  The shopping malls will reopen on 1 June so more or less back to normality.  

With regard to holiday rentals in the Algarve during 2020, the good news is that the government will allow Owners to rent out their properties to holiday makers as long as a series of mandatory hygiene measures are adhered to religiously. 

These regulations have just been released and we have now been able to analyse them and understand what actions we have to take on your behalf.

Full compliance with these allow us to advertise ourselves and our properties as being compliant with a certification called “Clean & Safe”.   This is so that potential holiday makers can satisfy themselves that every possible precaution as defined by the government has been taken to assure their safety whilst staying in the property.

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