Faro Airport Renovation

To many it seems as though this has been going on forever! In fact it only started in July 2011 a mere 5 ½ years ago! The plan is to finish it by the forthcoming “season”, let’s hope so otherwise Summer is going to be chaos.

What actually is going on?

The key objective is:

  1. Increase the capacity from 2,400 passengers per hour to 3,000 passengers per hour
  2. This will up the annual target of 6 million passengers to 8 million per year.
  3. To do this the passenger processing facilities have to be expanded, as do the parking / car hire facilities.
  4. To support this the commercial  operations will be expanded, as in more shops, food outlets and offices.

The result will be a larger terminal footprint with 2 fully occupied floors as the images below:


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