Algarve Weather

Regular visitors to the Algarve will have noticed some variations in the weather patterns of late. We can report the following from the Met Office….

  • Winter of 2010 wettest since 1870
  • Summer of 2010 hottest since 1931
  • Average rainfall for February is 100.1 mm
  • Rainfall in Feb 2012 only 2.2 mm  (1/50th!)


Droughts are feared but Aquas do Algarve the regional water authority say that the supply is guaranteed for the next 3 years, even if no more rain fell. Reservoirs are at an average 2/3rds of their capacity.

Clive Dunn moved to the Algarve many years ago, and so in the words of Corporal Jones, “Don’t Panic!”

It’s still one of the best European destinations for beach lovers and golfers alike.

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