Vilamoura Algarve Car Hire warning

Car Hire in Vilamoura Algarve

Please take care next time you hire a car in the Algarve!

Some companies have adopted what could best be described as a dubious practice as follows.

Question: “The rate you get seems very attractive but what is the rule on fuel when returning the car?” –  Most people don’t ask.

In 2 client cases recently the outcome was that one was asked for  90 euros and the other  100 for fuel when returning the car no matter how much was in the tank! In one of the cases the lady had actually just filled the tank to capacity prior to returning the car.

This was detailed in the small print but neither client had noticed. Refusing to pay won’t work, as they will have had your credit card details and so they can do it while you are sat on the plane home.

In many cases visitors to Vilamoura are so near the centre they only clock up a few kilometers and use very little fuel!

Out of interest, even at today’s high prices have you ever tried to put  100 euros of fuel in a small hire car?



Our advice, check before you book, what seems a good deal may not be!


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