Portugal Sardine Festival 2012 Portimão Algarve

Things to do in Algarve this August 2012.

It was on the old quayside where the fish were landed, in a sea of bubbling silver, that everything began. The fishermen took their share of the catch and started grilling it on the quayside; the aromas began to attract residents and tourists.

Next came the outdoor sitting areas and later, thanks to their popularity with visitors, the sardine festival, which is now in its 18th consecutive year. This event is the city’s trademark – and grilled sardines are one of Portimão’s key attractions.

Historical video……

This video shows images taken from the documentary “O jogo da Sardinha”  of José de Oliveira Cosme.

The song is titled Azul, Grupo: deep:her, Letra: Carlos Norton, a theme taken from the album Sul Azul.

In a year of change, the Sardine Festival is getting a new image, a new format, a new design and a new lease of LIFE!

This year….

Music, humour, circus, handicrafts, gastronomy, confectionery, fado, art, street theatre, entertainment – all of this and much more on a single stage – the PORTIMÃO FAIR AND EXHIBITION PARK.
And of course, this summer’s stars and the queens of the festival will also be there – GRILLED SARDINES – served piping hot on homemade bread or with a tasty Algarve salad, a mouth-watering treat for all the Portuguese visitors and foreign tourists – who will certainly not want to miss one of the most iconic culinary festivals in the country!

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