Long term rentals

If you are looking for a property to rent in Portugal long term, particularly in the Vilamoura area of the Algarve we may be able to help. Of course what is available changes from week to week as villas and apartments for rent in Vilamoura become available or existing tenants move on.

Long Term Renting in Portugal is usually classed as a minimum of 12 months to be renewed by mutual agreement thereafter. A monthly rent is agreed and the tenant is responsible for the utilities. 

To search through our current availability for long term rentals in the Algarve please use the selection boxes under the Accommodation heading at the top  of this page. You can select from Villas Townhouses or Apartments, the particular part of the Central Algarve you are interested in and the number of bedrooms required. Whilst availability changes regularly our main market is in Vilamoura itself.

Vilamoura is a very pleasant town built around a 1000 berth marina flanked by miles of sandy beaches and surrounded by 6 championship golf courses. It is served by a well acclaimed International school, good supermarkets and plenty of nightlife.

Vilamoura was granted the title of "“A National Quality of Life Resort",” the first to receive this in Europe.

The strap line for Vilamoura is:  "“I wasn'’t born here but it’s where I belong!"”

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4 bedroom 4 Bathroom apartment in private condominium with swimming pool


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